Who are GreenSmart Professionals?
GreenSmart Professionals are designers, builders, and trades people who are:
–   skilled in environmental building skills,
–   nationally accredited
–   committed to the GreenSmart code of practice.
They focus on 3 key elements that make a difference – energy efficiency, waste management, and prevention of pollution from the building site during construction.
Why is a GreenSmart home special?
The secret is careful planning and design. It may well look like any other good quality home, but once you live in it you will feel the difference. A GreenSmart home is designed to make the most of the climate, keep you comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer. It will be a home that provides a very pleasant living environment and one that is also environmentally friendly.
What should be considered in relation to water efficiency?
Efficient use of water is also a major consideration. Attention should be given to the choice of washing machine, dishwasher, toilet suites, and showerheads. For outdoor areas consideration should be given to creating a sustainable landscape, and using appropriate methods for garden irrigation. It may be worth enquiring as to whether grey water storage or use, and/or reed beds are allowable in your area.
What is a sustainable landscape?
“A sustainable landscape is a healthy and resilient landscape that will endure over the long term without the need for high input of scarce resources such as water. The natural functions and processes of the olandscape are able to maintain themselves into the future. Our South Australian urban landscaps are sustainable when they are in harmony with environmental conditions.”