If you are planning to build a new home you have the ideal opportunity to make it extremely comfortable and energy efficient, resulting in lower energy costs, and adding value to your investment.

WHL Energy can assist you to carefully consider the best type of building materials, and room & window positioning, which have a big impact on the thermal properties and energy demands of your home.
WHL Energy has always recognised that those fortunate enough to build their own custom home have the ideal opportunity to make a positive long term impact by considering the homes energy efficiency, sustainability and conservation of design.

The owners of WHL Energy designed and had built their own first energy efficient home in 1973 and immediately recognised the benefits it provided.

An energy efficient home makes best use of building orientation, materials, wall & ceiling insulation, efficient heating and cooling, efficient lighting and appliances, all of which can reduce ongoing energy costs up to 40%.

All WHL Energy are custom designed to suit the lifestyle and budget of those who are going to live in the home.

​We can even help you choose a site where it is possible to maximise the use of passive solar design.

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