There are many ways to design an energy efficient home. For some people their goal is a completely self-sustaining and minimal-energy home. For others there are competing priorities – say north facing exposure, views to the east or west, and/or budget constraints. Every project is unique and we support every attempt to make your new home as energy efficient as possible. We help each person to find the best approach and to get the right balance for their particular situation.
An energy efficient home makes best use of building orientation, materials, wall & ceiling insulation, efficient heating and cooling, efficient lighting, and appliances, all of which can reduce ongoing energy costs up to 40%.
All WHL Energy are custom designed to suit the lifestyle and budget of those who are going to live in the home.
If contributing to a more sustainable future is a part of your vision, consider the size of your home very carefully, as size makes a significant impact on your home’s energy use and sustainability. The size of the home makes the single greatest environmental impact. The smaller the home the better the savings. For a smaller home – only a smaller block is needed, fewer materials are used in the construction, and the ongoing operating and maintenance costs will be less.

WHL Energy will will design your new home to meet your family requirements, your block and your budget.

Image Gallery below shows some of WHL Energy’s Award Winning energy efficient homes –